Greenstop24 promotes trips to the countryside with campers and caravans and works to create a link between the world of agricultural production and that of mobility tourism, aimed at strengthening the relationship with nature, knowledge of the territory and at the same time developing a direct relationship between producers and consumers. The Greenstop24 circuit of free parking for campers and caravans (stop intended as parking on the property without providing services), known in Italy and Europe since 2007, extends over a territory that includes all of Italy and a large part of France. .
Se sei un camperista o un caravanista amante della natura e del viaggio alla scoperta degli ottimi prodotti della terra, puoi iscrivertiGreenstop24 come Socio Utente.
If you are an agricultural producer (of wine, oil, cheese, honey, organic products, etc.) and you want to make the quality of your products known to a new and increasingly vast audience you can aderireGreenstop24 come Socio Produttore.

Greenstop24 is a journey across the countryside, an itinerary rich in emotions and traditions, winding along tens of thousands of kilometers and embracing mountain landscapes, hills, plains, stretching until the most beautiful beaches

Yearly registration
€ 30
12 months of access to the site.


Greenstop 24 offers its subscribers offline maps in PDF format of the farms in its network, displaying: the map, telephone, e-mail, GPS, type of production and parking spaces for motor homes. The maps are constantly updated and once downloaded can be consulted on your Smartphone, PC or Tablet even without an internet connection. Click here or on the image to access the download!