In order to join the Greenstop24 circuit and become a Producer Member, you have to fill in the registration form.
Registration, valid for one year from the moment you sign up, is automatically renewed for the following year; anyway you can cancel your registration at any time by sending an e-mail to the Greenstop24 Management .

After sending the registration form, you will be contacted by one of our operators to be included into the circuit. Greenstop24 will devote a whole webpage to your business showing:

  • A photo of your property along with a brief description of its features
  • The list of the products for sale, the available activities and the opening period
  • The nearest camper service area in order that coming campers can provide facilities by themselves
  • The number of parking places, the link to the business website and to the Google Maps pages

Searching each single business on the website is carried out according to the region the business belongs to. At the bottom of each page you will find a box reserved to your business promotions

The area in your property where campers are hosted can be just a parking area. With an autonomy of over three days, a camper does not need camper service facilities like electric plugging or loading and draining of waste waters. These tasks must be carried out before reaching the farm. Directions to the camper service areas near each farm are given on our website.

Free stopover is reserved only to User Members provided with Greenstop24 card, regularly valid for the current year. Card owners must show it upon arrival at the farm and producers welcoming the campervanners must not forget to ask for it.

The User Member card is personal and guarantees free stopover service at all the member farms. Moreover it is a guarantee of good behavior and respect of nature for the host.