Producers of wine, oil, cheese, honey, organic food etc., owners of holiday farms and restaurants which can easily be reached by camper and have property areas to offer free stopover service for 24 hours (stopover is meant as parking and no further facilities need to be provided) to a number of campers ranging from 1 to 5 can join the Greenstop24 network.

The free stopover service promotes country travelling, gives campervanners the opportunity to search and buy natural products in the most suitable places and at the same time makes the sale of homegrown products easier, thus benefitting the environment.

Registration to the Greenstop24 circuit is completely free and creates a link between the business and the world of tourism on the road with advantages for both categories: not only will farms become more visible and improve their business, but tourists will also have the pleasure to discover new territories and buy genuine natural products just where they are grown.