The gravity of the situation we are all experiencing obliges us to help those who are now in the front line fighting COVID-19. We are referring to HOSPITALS and all the staff who work there, starting with doctors and nurses first and foremost.

We believe it is IMPORTANT that each of us contribute, according to its own possibilities, with a simple DONATION. Here below a list (continuously updated) of fundraising activities in support of Italian hospitals.

  • Coronavirus, rafforziamo la terapia intensiva  vai al sito
  • Diamo una mano al Cotugno di Napoli – covid19 vai al sito
  • Cesvi  per l’ospedale di Bergamo e gli anziani vai al sito
  • Littizzetto – Riprendiamo fiato! Ospedali della Regione Piemonte. vai al sito
  • Covid-19, sosteniamo la terapia intensiva di Parma vai al sito
  • Emergenza Covid-19: Ospedale Piacenza vai al sito
  • Insieme, aiutiamo la Terapia intensiva in Trentino vai al sito
  • Aiutiamo la terapia intensiva Sant’Anna vai al sito
  • Aiutiamo Ospedale Niguarda – COVID-19 vai al sito
  • Raccolta fondi per l’ Ospedale di Cremona vai al sito
  • Covid19 – Ospedale di Pordenone Terapia Intensiva vai al sito
  • Emergenza Coronavirus – AOU Maggiore della Carità vai al sito

Greenstop24 promotes travelling in the countryside by camper or caravan, with the aim of linking agricultural producers and tourism on the road, thus strengthening the relationship with nature, knowledge of the land and promoting direct contact among producers and customers. Greenstop24’s circuit of free stops for campers and caravans (allowing campers to be parked in the properties with no further facilities available) has been well-known in Italy and Europe since 2007 and stretches all over Italy and a large part of France.
If you are a campervanner or a motorhomer and you love nature and travelling to discover the land’s genuine natural products you can register at Greenstop24 as a User Member. .
If you are an agricultural producer (of wine, oil, cheese, honey, organic food etc.) and you want to get a newer and wider public to know your products’ quality, you can join Greenstop24 as Producer Member.

Greenstop24 is a journey across the countryside, an itinerary rich in emotions and traditions, winding along tens of thousands of kilometers and embracing mountain landscapes, hills, plains, stretching until the most beautiful beaches

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